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It’s the poster child for Xbox One X, packing 700 cars and stacks of circuits in 4K and 60 FPS. It’s no longer the uncontested king of mobile racing, thanks to the arrival of newer, prettier rivals. But Real Racing 3 still has a great handling model, loads of cars, and endless content. You don’t actually race any cars in Motorsport Manager Mobile 3. But your job as manager – hiring and firing racers, choosing tires, and investing in sponsors – is just as important.

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There’s no original music to race along to – the only way you can bump to some racing tunes is through your personal Spotify subscription. There’s no way to check out your track progress via a miniature map as you make your race through it.

Coming from a developer with genuine console racer pedigree, it’s no surprise that Gear.Club is one of the most exciting new iOS racer for years. It’s got great car physics, top graphics, and a large roster of real life rides. It used to be that you had to head to a sweaty Winzip arcade parlour if you wanted to play a proper racing game.

Taking racing beyond the roads, DiRT 4 is the premier Xbox One rally experience in 2018. There are different vehicles, locations, and conditions on offer, coming as close to reality as desired. The latest official Formula 1 game encapsulates every aspect of the lightning-fast single-seater series. You can now further tune the experience to your liking, without losing immersion in its glitz and glamor. Forza Motorsport 7 is one for track fanatics, framed as the most prominent, most ambitious racer Microsoft has attempted.

More than that, Driveclub makes everyday cars a huge amount of fun to drive. It’s not just about Ferraris and McLarens here – your A-to-B city runaround is just as exciting to swing into the apex of a sweeping turn in the Scottish highlands. The most hardcore rally game in years, Dirt Rally takes no prisoners. It’s a purist’s dream, distilling the challenge of point to point racing down to its engine-gargling core, while stripping away any arcade touches that bolstered its series predecessors. As with all annual sports series, the F1 games are an iterative affair, but each one makes notable improvements that increase the level of authenticity, detail and depth.

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F is far and away the best F1 game to date – a peak of sim design that takes the glitz and glamour of the sport and transposes it to a beautiful looking recreation of the world’s fastest competitive endeavour. While titles like DiRT 4 and F may have limited appeal, these deliver a perfected approach to their classes of motoring. DiRT doubles down on rallying with its responsive terrains and hefty handling, while the high-speed thrill of Formula 1 never fades away. Regardless, no matter which game you play, there’s value to be found in all these Xbox One racers.